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      For most of his life, Jeff Bianchi has spent the majority of his waking hours on music. Whether it be performing, writing, recording or practicing, he is constantly doing something pertaining to his craft.

     At 17 years old, Jeff was performing 4 hour club dates with his first band “Drift”. The band continued working for 4 years and disbanded when he moved to Atlanta, GA. While there, Jeff co-founded the Vacant Halls. With this act, he was able to perform at many of the high profile clubs in Atlanta while earning a showcase slot at the Atlantis Music Conference. 2 years into its inception, the group amicably and collectively decided to “call it a day”, making way for each other to pursue their own artistic endeavors.

     They say “when one door shuts, another one opens.”, and this was entirely true in his case. A couple months after the break up of his band, Jeff drove to Nashville, TN to audition for the nationally touring road act “Young Guns”. He was immediately given the lead guitarist position and in a matter of weeks, embarked on a 15 month tour of North America. The group had only 3 weeks off during this time and traveled through 70% of the country. Jeff has compared it to sort of a “musical boot camp” due to his performing on average of 5 nights a week for 4-5 hours a night. With Young Guns, Jeff performed Southern Rock, Classic Rock ,Classic and Modern Country; enabling him to expand his musical vocabulary, stamina and professionalism. When they had enough touring, Jeff came back to Georgia and caught his breath. The open road soon called though and he hit it yet again as lead guitarist for the “Chace Roberts Band” (St. Paul Minnesota). When Chace decided to end his touring days and spend more time with his family, Jeff headed back to Georgia and immediately became a lead guitarist for SCF Entertainment.

      The invaluable position with SCF Entertainment gave Jeff the chance to work professionally with all of its “era tribute bands“, playing throughout the South East everything from Marvin Gaye to Pantera. Through this organization, Jeff regularly performed with “Stone Cold Fox” (70’s Dance, R&B), Free Ride ‘75 (Classic Rock), Electric Boogaloo (80’s Rock/Metal, New Wave) the Dock Martins (90’s Alternative) and the Rock Mafia (Live band karaoke with music from the 60’s thru modern era).  After five years with SCF Entertainment, Jeff continued on stage for six more years with the Atlanta wedding / corporate band "The Answer Band". Through out his tenure in this act, he focused mainly on the Motown and R&B genres. The years of providing heavy rhythm support for "The Answer Band", greatly enhanced his skills playing rhythm guitar.
     In addition  his work on the electric guitar, Jeff also gives numerous performances throughout the U.S. as a classical guitarist.  Since 2009, Jeff has performed around the United States, giving concerts as far away as West Texas, Idaho, Wyoming, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin and all of the South East.

    Jeff  currently lives in Thomaston, Georgia. While not on stage, he is still “on the job”, working hard to perfect his craft.